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Welcome to Islands Lawn and Garden

Islands Lawn and Garden

Welcome to Islands Lawn and Garden, LLC!

We are a landscaping company in South Florida with over 16 years of commercial and residential experience. We combine our unique knowledge, skills, and creativity with current technologies to provide the highest quality services  at an affordable price.

Islands Lawn & Garden sets the standard for landscaping maintenance. No matter your budget, we help transform exterior spaces into fascinating extended-living areas. We will review your property, specific style, and desired budget, to help make the impossible possible. We take pride in knowing we complete all of our work in a safe environmentally-responsible manner. We promise nothing but the best customer service, hard work, and dedication to you, our customers.

Our services include landscaping, lawn maintenance, tree service, unique designs, landscape clean-up, stump removal, irrigation, and repairs.

Call 786-242-1092 to set up an appointment today!

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